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Welcome! I'm glad you are here. My name is Erin Cross. I am a wife, homeschooling mom, avid gardener, voracious reader, and, most recently, an author.

In 2018, I completed the first draft of Redemption's Pursuit, a story that lived in my imagination for over a decade.

It was the largest project I have ever undertaken, and, possibly, the most life altering.

I fell in love with the process of writing and the feeling of holding my completed manuscript in my hands.

I also fell in love with my characters. They seemed to take on a life of their own when they left the confines of my imagination.

What I planned to be a duology grew into a five book series plus a prequel novella. I am so excited to share The Redemption Saga with you. 




Redemption's Pursuit is the riveting start to an epic saga that takes you deep into the kingdoms of Limba and Malesiir. Readers are sure to fall in love with the heroes, question loyalties, and passionately hate the villains as E. L. Cross's character development is on point! Don't start this novel late in the day as it is one that will keep you up all night not wanting to put it down.

E. L. Cross has written something very special that radiates her talent and tells an incredible story. Every corner of this book, every nuanced historically relevant detail, even the watercolor of the sword and castle on the cover, is a product of her toil and the fruits of her decade long obsession creating this story.

Alan C.

This book is absolutely addictive. I had such a hard time putting it down. It completely sucks you in and you find yourself so emotionally involved with these characters. I find myself thinking about them as if they are real people that I know. The character development is incredible. The story takes twists and turns I never predicted or saw coming. This is an absolute must read!! I can’t wait for the next one.

Amanda B.

Ashley O.

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Redemption's Grace
Book Five in The Redemption Saga

"Your insecurity collided with his weakness. He was compelled to rescue you from it, and you could do naught but heal his pain. The culmination of both your strengths and weaknesses proved your undoing..."

~ Redemption's Grace



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