A Letter from the Author's Husband

For over 10 years, Erin has been writing an amazing story. Countless hours have been painstakingly spent pouring her heart and mind into her book. Unexpectedly, she has made herself a virtual expert in historical weaponry, medieval food and farming techniques, equestrian care and so much more to make her historical fiction completely historically accurate. She has written something very special that radiates her talent and tells an incredible story. Every corner of this book, every nuanced historically relevant detail, even the watercolor of the sword and castle on the cover, is a product of her toil and the fruits of her decade long obsession. I could not be more proud to announce that today is the release day for Redemption's Pursuit, book one of The Redemption Saga. My beautiful wife and author of this amazing story, Erin Cross, is a published writer!!!

The Redemption Saga is the story of Erianna, princess to a fallen kingdom, daughter of an abusive father, and rightful heir to a future so much better than she has ever known. She is haunted by the life she once knew, but by the wisdom and mercy of a warrior, her betrothed prince's right-hand commander, her destiny has sought through the darkness and found her. Once crushed and ignored, she must journey great lengths to rise to become the woman and leader she was meant to be.

As an extension of Erin's heart and ministry, it is our family's prayer that the LORD use this book for the increase of His kingdom and for His name to be magnified and made great. Please join us in prayer that God be honored today by the outpouring of love Erin has put into the pages of this book.

It brings me an incredible amount of pride and such great joy to invite you to hear the story of Erianna, in "Redemption's Pursuit". Available now through Amazon Kindle or the Kindle App, Please check out the new book at the link below... Read, Review, Share, Enjoy!

Alan Cross

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