Book Review: Dauntless by Tamara Leigh

Since I already have this little blog, I have decided to expand my posts from solely about my books into the realm of book reviews. I read so many incredible books by so many talented authors that it seems silly not to compile the book reviews I write into one place.

I typically only write book reviews for books that I consider 4 or 5 star books. That may change in the future, but for now, that is my M.O. I'll begin by sharing the reviews I wrote for my favorite books from 2021. Hopefully, you dear readers will find some book recommendations and discover new authors that you must read. Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to one of my very favorite authors, quite possibly, the one who has most inspired my own writing...

Dauntless by Tamara Leigh

The tale of Dauntless has been the strong spine of the entire Age of Conquest series. Because of the exceptional characters in the other novels, the tale of the man and woman who raised them had to be of the highest quality to give credence to the esteem the heroes and heroine have for their parents. Knowing the quality of Tamara Leigh's writing, I could not wait to see how she wove all the threads of the other novels into this origin story. Even expecting something great, I was bowled over.

"Dauntless" has so much heart! The hero and heroine are genuine. Their emotions run deep and true to their character. Halfway in, when the heroine is in the worst turmoil about what she must confess, I wanted to climb through the pages and hold her hand. Her anguish was so real that I hurt for her and felt that same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for what must come next.

From that desperate place, the author takes us through the real, arduous path the hero and heroine must walk in learning to forgive the one who hurt them deepest and owning the part they played in hurting each other. With humility, grace, imperfection, and love, Godfroi and Robine show us that even the most grievous of wrongs can be overcome if the marriage of two is woven together by the unbreakable thread of God.

Not only does this story stand tall among the other incredible novels in the series with its strong plot, three dimensional characters, and rich setting, it also puts a beautiful bow on the whole Age of Conquest by showing the origin of the family and a glimpse into their future. As if that is not enough, in her author's note, Tamara Leigh bridges the single generation gap between the Age of Conquest series and her prior Age of Faith series.

Simply incredible. Read this book then share it with all your friends.

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