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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

By reader request, I have created the Ultimate Dictionary & Pronunciation Guide for The Redemption Saga. I will update this post as new books are released in the series. (In an attempt to avoid spoilers, I will title and name characters as they first appear in the series.)

People of Limba:

Limba: (LIHM-buh)

King Arcto Vrock: (ARK-toe) King of Limba, Erianna's Father

Queen Illyanna Vrock: (ih-lee-AH-nuh) Deceased Queen of Limba, Erianna's mother

Princess Erianna Vrock: (eh-ree-AH-nuh)

Marshal Garrick Drake: (GAIR-rick)

Ridley Drake: (RIHD-lee) Nephew of Marshal Drake

Cimah: (SEE-muh) Castle cook and caretaker of Erianna

Liddy: (LIH-dee) Erianna's lady's maid

People of the Continent:

Hellah: (HEH-luh) Midwife, Healer, Apothecary's daughter-in-law

Jessup: (JESS-up) Apothecary, Healer

Dovleigh: (DUHV-lee) Valor's sister, deceased

Master Gavin Chase: (GA-vihn) Merchant

People of Malesiir:

Malesiir: (MAL-eh-seer)

Rodiharian: (rah-dih-HAR-ee-ehn) Ruling hereditary monarchy of Malesiir

King Boldizar Rodiharian: (BOLE-dih-zahr) King of Malesiir

Queen Celiea Rodiharian: (SEE-lee-uh) Queen of Malesiir

Prince Grandileer Rodiharian: (gran-dih-LEER) Heir to the throne, acting king

Prince Lorennt Rodiharian: (lor-REHNT) Second son

Princess Lianara Rodiharian: (lee-ah-NAH-ruh) stillborn daughter of Boldizar and Celiea

Commander Valor Ironforge: Hand of the Prince, Commander of Military

General Kragorn Tareth: (kruh-GORN TAIR-eth)

Leelah Tareth: (LEE-luh TAIR-eth) Wife of Kragorn, troublemaker extraordinaire

Karris Tareth: Adopted dauther

Ivy Tareth: Adopted dauther

Lois Tareth: Adopted dauther

Micah Tareth: Son

Fialla Tareth: Daughter

General Tergehn: (TAIR-gehn) Overseer of Fort Grevnhold

Captain Rhain Anders: (RAIN)

Sergeant Cuyler Trent: (KI-ler) Assistant and Spymaster of Commander Ironforge

Quartermaster Nelin Fletch: (NEE-lihn)

King Laszlo Rodiharian: (LAZ-loe) Father of Boldizar, Grandfather to Grandileer

King Consort

Jaleh: (JAY-luh) 1st lady's maid to Erianna

Nev: (NEHV) 2nd lady's maid to Erianna

Lady Silla: (SIH-luh) permanent resident at court

Lady Artice: (ahr-TEES) frequent resident at court

Lord Mortin: frequent resident at court

People of Parse Kítaran within Malesiir:

Parse Kítaran: (PARS KEET-uh-ran)

The Tareth Family

Thad: (TAD) Nearest neighbor of Valor

Lourne: (LOUR-nuh) Wife of Thad

Nicholas aka Col: Son of Thad, caretaker of Valor's home

Widow Salome Brighton: (SUH-lome) Elderly mentor to Tirzah and others

Tirzah: (TEER-zuh) friend of Leelah

Captain John Mather: (MAY-thur) Brother of Tirzah, lives elsewhere

Ruphiri of the Spires:

Ruphiri: (roo-FEAR-ee) aka Wolves, people that seceded from Limba and fled into the

Spire Mountains 80 years prior to Book 1

Kyzar Reuel Zavaan: (KI-zahr ray-OOL ZAH-vuhn) Chief of the Ruphiri

Bronis: (BROE-nihs) 2nd in command to Zavaan

Jarmuth: (JAHR-muth) tracker, 3rd in command


Things and antiquated words:

Bawd: woman who owns a brothel

Baggage: prostitute who follows an army battalion

Blackguard: man who behaves dishonestly or contemptibly

Cad: unscrupulous man in regards to women

Claybrained: clay for brains Churl: rude or mean person

Consort (King Consort, Queen Consort): untitled spouse of king or queen

Cullion (abr. culls): testicle

Cuirass: armor made of chestplate and backplate, fastens beneath arms

Cur: contemptible man

Dalliance: casual, usually physical, romantic relationship

Destrier: warhorse

Dreck: rubbish; manure

Glaive: weapon with a curved, flexible short sword mounted to a wooden shaft

Greaves: armor to protect legs, covers shins

Haint: ghost

Hauberk: chain mail shirt

Honeysop: endearment; bread sopped in honey

Joy woman: prostitute

Knave: dishonest, unscrupulous man

Melee: a free-for-all fight

Milksop: bread soaked in milk; an indecisive coward; weakling

Miscreant: criminal; villain

Mulled: spiced and warmed beverage

Overtures: proposals leading toward courtship

Palfrey: gentle tempered horse ridden by women

Polearm: spear-like weapon for close combat

Poltroon: utter coward

Pox: disease of the skin

Rogue: dishonest man; habitual flirt

Sally: sudden charge out of a besieged place; verbal sparring

Sally port: small, usually hidden door in a fortified wall

Salve: herbs infused in oil, beeswax, or rendered animal fat

Sard: to have sex (curse)

Slattern: slut

Smite: strike

Smut: mark with soot; defile; make unclean

Sot: habitual drunkard

Sotted: drunk

Thrall: (noun) captured servant or slave

Tincture: concentrated herbs infused in grain alcohol

Tisane: medicinal herbs infused in hot water

Tryst: secret romantic encounter

Vambrace: armor to protect forearms

Whoremonger: promiscuous man who has dealings with prostitutes

Whoreson: son of a prostitute (curse)

Woe's Sakes: expression of exasperation

Limban/Ruphiri Words and Phrases:

Boj: field

Devkar: prostitute

Devkar levnyr: (slur) cheap, ugly prostitute

Frith: refuge

Fynr: captive servant or slave (thrall)

Hetaera(n): concubine(s) with more privileges

Jol: joke

Kom: come; bring

Královna: queen

Kyzar: overlord; ruler of the Ruphiri

Král: king

Rik: place

Torr: ruin; destruction

Var: of

Varik: place of; used in compound words (ie: place of grass, place of many rivers)

Vragh: killer

Vraghan: killers

Vreh: kill

Zajatí: capture

Zar: warlord; clan leader

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