The Redemption's Pursuit Playlist

Music is a vital part of my writing process. I'm not sure I could even write without it. I often set a background playlist if I am drafting a scene that I have already plotted or if I am editing a previous day's writing. But sometimes, I need to capture a specific emotion. There is no more emotional art form to me than music. Songs have the power to bring me to tears, make me laugh, energize me, and soothe me. It is often the way a song makes me feel that causes me to link it to a particular scene in my novels.

Songs are also my muse. An idea will take hold of me while listening to a song, then I scramble to grab paper or my computer to jot it down while simultaneously hitting repeat on the song. Thus, it is no surprise that certain chapters within my novels are irrevocably linked to songs.

I have an eclectic taste in music, and I make no claims to be an expert playlist creator. That disclaimer being given, I present to you my playlist for Redemption's Pursuit. Some of this is mood music, but when applicable, I have noted the associated chapter and scene. You may search for these songs in your music subscription of choice or follow me over at Spotify and play my playlist for this book (and the books yet to be released).

This playlist is 48 songs totaling 3+hrs of listening. If you want to cut to the meat of the playlist, those few songs that truly influenced this story are underlined in the list. (And yes, I know there is a repeat on the list. Darkest of Night Skies by the Native Sibling is THE song for this book.)

Happy Listening!

Redemption's Pursuit Playlist

Part 1: The Escape

Chapter 1-5: The Violet Hour by The Civil Wars

Snow by Hunter G K Thompson

Anchor by Novo Amor

Cautioners by Jimmy Eat World

The Woods by Hailey Gardiner

Willow by Jasmine Thompson

Chapter 6: Safe and Sound by Kina Grannis

Chapter 7: Pieces by Rob Thomas

Chapter 8: Acoustic #3 by The Goo Goo Dolls

Chapter 9: Stay and Wait - Live/Acoustic Version by Hillsong UNITED

Part 2: The Assurance

Chapter 10: Name by The Goo Goo Dolls

Chapter 11: Difference Maker by NEEDTOBREATHE

Chapter 12-14: Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac

A Place Only You Can Go by NEEDTOBREATHE

Healing Me by Jess Ray

The Fall by The Native Sibling

Chapter 15: Shake It Out - Acoustic by Florence + The Machine

Carry You by The Native Sibling

Chapter 16: Black Balloon by The Goo Goo Dolls

Chapter 17a-b: Let Her Go by David Fischbein


Chapter 18: Slumber by NEEDTOBREATHE

Chapter 19b-19c: Stay Alive by José Gonzáles

Chapter 20: Be Still by The Fray

Chapter 21a: Overjoyed by Matchbox Twenty

Chapter 21b-e: Rise Again by NEEDTOBREATHE

Chapter 22: Forever On Your Side (with JOHNNYSWIM) by NEEDTOBREATHE

Chapter 23: Keep Your Eyes Open by NEEDTOBREATHE

Part 3: The Ascent

Chapter 24a-b: Monsters Talk (feat. Bear Rinehart) by John Mark McMillan

Chapter 24c: Let's Be Still by The Head and the Heart

Chapter 25a-c: More Time by NEEDTOBREATHE

Chapter 25d: Lowcast - Acoustic by Fractures

Chapter 26: Love Like This - Acoustic by Kodaline

Chapter 27: Darkest of Night Skies by The Native Sibling

Chapter 28: Everything to Help You Sleep by Julien Baker

Chapter 29-31: Hold Me by The Sweeplings

The Well by Imaginary Future

Medicine by The 1975

Across the Sea by The Sweeplings

Time Frame by Fractures

Part 4: The Covenant

Chapter 32-35a: Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Stars by David Crowder Band

I'm With You by Vance Joy

Chapter 35b: Darkest of Night Skies by The Native Sibling

Chapter 36: Bones by Penny and Sparrow

Chapter 37: Edge of Eden by Jake Scott

Chapter 38: Rescue You by JOHNNYSWIM

Chapter 39: Another Story by The Head and the Heart

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